Tuesday, March 3, 2009

(When Trust Feels Like Losing (incomplete version))

I am red and raw and masculine
Breeding Hate

Blue within this jeweled box
Engraving hot words
on my skin
Hiding its deceptive being
Refuses to reveal tonight.


Shadow said...

wow, strong words...

CathM said...

This feels very raw... as if there's much more to be said... looking forward to it when it emerges...!

Anonymous said...

I love her how she is. She lets the reader conjure up their own images of what the words mean.I think that's what Poetry is all about, for me anyway.

Athelas said...

CathM: Thank you for your comment
I ran so decidedly from these emotions when they left me, I am frightened to revisit them. Eventually, I suppose, I must do so.

Shadow: I'm glad you think so! Thanks for taking the time to read my poetry. Knowing that people do read my posts keeps me motivated to keep posting.

SarahA: I agree with you completely. Poetry is explicitly open to interpretation. I love that it's intrinsically interactive.

dirt clsutit said...

Very sorrowful, cause it's very clear you know this progression of feelings.
when it hits home hard I hope it's fleeting.

Very temporary like it is for me (I only feel this when my mind fools me into thinking someone got one over on me)

The thoughts you shared here are the perfect posts.
Thank You

dirt clustit said...

where is the complete version?

Athelas said...

There is no complete version. I'm glad you feel my poetry.